This week, I continued the Development of the game. I have spent most of the time fixing bugs, which consumed quite a bunch of my available time. However, I still managed to finish the Living Room, do the Smoking minigame, and do the Bedroom. Next week, I am hoping to have started and finished the cutscenes system, some cutscenes, do voice acting, and finish the UI.

I am yet to complete the Technical Research as I have only been taking notes on what I have researched (saving links and keywords), mostly because I have been too stressed and busy to write a good and concise text.

Smoking Minigame

Here is an image of the Smoking Minigame. I will add buildings and cars outside the window, but I have not found good assets to use yet. The minigame consists of smoking a cigarette. The player controls when Robert is smoking by pressing and releasing a key (SPACEBAR). While holding, Robert inhales/smokes the cigarette, when released he exhales and expels the smoke out. The arm moves up and down.


The Bedroom is the place where the “story-part of the narrative is told,” meaning is where the cutscenes that tell Robert’s past are shown. This image is an unfinished version of the room as I am still testing a few mechanics. By Interacting with the bed, Robert lays down and will relive a memory.

Changes to the game / Bug fixing

Due to problems with iterating through scenes, I had to change the main approach to the game’s room changing mechanism. Moreover, working with Mixamo to create the animations meant that they are imported to Unity as “Read Only”, which makes them “uneditable” by me. As such, I spent quite some time creating solutions to work around them and the bugs they eventually created/generated/presented.

Vitor Cardoso


MA Games Design student at the University for the Creative Arts | BSc (Hons) Games Development at Buckinghamshire New University (First Class)